RTG Online Roulette At Slots Plus Casino

Slots Plus Casino offers members great RTG online roulette games. This legendary casino game, comprising a spinning wheel, ball, and betting layout, has migrated from the felt tables of Monte Carlo to the endless expanses of the Internet. It's a game of pure chance based on the final resting place of the ball on the wheel, which is neatly divided into numbered red and black pockets. As luck determines the outcome, the only strategy worth mentioning is to play online for free at our licensed and regulated Slots Plus Casino. Familiarizing yourself with RTG online roulette will give you a feel for this timeless casino classic that has entertained generations of gamblers worldwide.


There's a wide range of Internet roulette games that offer slightly different betting options, payout percentages, and hardware. The three distinct versions: European, American, and French, have long been one of the most popular games in the casino. If you play at our gaming site, you'll discover that a host of variants exist that are completely unique to the genre.


This is the original casino game that has been around for centuries. It comprises numbers from 1 to 36, and a single zero for a total of 37 slots on the wheel, and a corresponding wagering layout.


American roulette has one important different from its European counterpart: there is an additional double slot, effectively doubling the house edge and generating 38 numbered slots on red or black.


The French variant is a revamped version of European roulette that offers the lowest house edge of all. This is due to a rule that states that half of all money bets - wagers on red or black, odds or even, or top half or bottom half - are returned to the gambler when the ball lands on the single zero.


Multi-Ball is a newer title at our RTG online blackjack sites, played with up to three balls at the same time. Although winning is much easier in this innovative revamp of the original, all payouts are divided by two or three according to the number of balls in play.